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vinyl mdf pressing
mfc panel processing
vinyl mdf doors
display panel production
component assembly


Creating physical products from drawings is what we do. We are able to engineer your concept and create the perfect end product. This is achieved by customer or site visits and many internal operations, including prototyping or product sampling.  Creating production drawings and computer programs for CNC machines completes the cycle.

In the long history of our company, we have undertaken many projects that have been very succcessful. You will see from our case studies that our solutions have varied from simple to in depth ones.

From banks to shops, from hospitals to exhibitions. All of these sectors have benefited from our help and expertise and our ability to create products envisaged by their designers; not only from an aesthetic point of view, but from considerable labour saving features at the point of installation.

All this, and much more we do as part of our everyday work and we never tire from it.

Our goal is to provide a product which gives complete satisfaction to all who have been involved.

Try us for your next project.

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