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Creative watch and jewellery displays for leading watch brands and jewellery stores has been part of our manufacturing program for many years. Our customers have appreciated our input into many watch and jewellery displays.

Display trays within Jewellers shops have traditionally been a wooden base covered in a vinyl fabric which is glued in place. When placed in a shop window with all the lighting and heat that is generated, the fabric tends to come undone at the corners. Using our process, there is no corner joints that have to be disguised and that fail after time, which is unsightly and that has to be replaced. Our trays have not only proved to be better but in many cases also cheaper.

We have made many different jewellery trays, in some we have encapsulted invisible magnets into the MDF panel prior to pressing the vinyl in order to retain small display items on the tray. This served to retain ring or bracelet stands that have a metal base to firmly fix the them in position. This is especially important when the trays are being taken in and out of the shop window. We have also engraved a logo or created a design detail to customise the display tray.

We have made watch displays to look very effective when holding quite a number of watches by using multiple panels, in a staircase format which were  arranged horizontally and vertically. When assembled this gave an attractive corporate display.

It has also been possible to incorporate specific design details like LED lighting thereby enhancing the products further.

We can incorporate many design features within our manufacturing proccesses in order to make your products look the part.

If you have a specific requirement that is or is not listed here, please contact us with your enquiry.

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