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When NATS (The National Air Traffic Centre) moved to their custom-built offices in Whitley, Hampshire, we were involved in the supply of the desktops for their offices which numbered several thousand. In addition to this, we supplied Triumph Office cabinets with the drawer fronts which were made to match that of the desktops in order to provide a fluid and cohesive environment.

As part of the supply condition, a 5 year guarantee, subject to fair wear and tear was specifified. Using a quality standard vinyl approved by FIRA enabled us to have complete confidence in meeting this criterior and were happy to manufacture and supply to this requirement.

The desks have proved to be serviceable well beyond the guarantee period and have completely fulfilled our customer's requirements, both ergonomically and aesthetically.

The above case proves the point, that modern vinyl veneer laminated onto MDF, is highly suited as a decorative surface for office desks and other types of furniture.

If higher levels of impact and abrasion are likely to be encounted within your project, there is the option to choose a Kydex Plastic laminate which is twice as thick as standard vinyl and which will offer an even higher ongoing duty cycle.

If you have such a project, we know we can help you.

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