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We are pleased to have been be chosen to help make Jaguar Land Rover's Motor Show Exhibition Stands look more individual and attractive.

From a design created by Imagination of London, we were able to engineer and manufacture modular zigzag wall and shoebox style ceiling panels in a rustic golden oak finish. To achieve this we pressed the panels and then 'V' grooved and folded them into the required designed form. By using this method, no unsightly joints could be seen and continuity of the wood grain was maintained. Each individual oak veneered zigzag panel was then assembled and mounted onto a fire resistant MDF back panel to create a modular wall panel of 2.6 metres in height. Specially designed hanging brackets were manufactured and fitted to the back of the panels in order to ensure that they could be quickly and safely fitted to a pre-errected skeleton lightweight frame. The stand was installed by our customer and site contractor CDI.

We create and manufacture many types of wall panelling, some of which have 3D designs machined into the panels to give the desired effect.

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