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We were approached by one of our customers who was involved fitting pattresses to walls in public buildings. Most of the pattresses when fitted to the wall had coat hooks fixed afterwards. The work carried out by the joiner was screwing the pattress to the wall. Before the coat hangers were fitted, it was neccessary for them to be painted. Patresses could either be painted on site after fitting or supplied pre-painted. Both paint processes were expensive and less durable than the vinyl option, as when they were nocked, the paint chipped and flaked off, requiring more remedial paint work.

Our solution was simple, to offer a machined vinyl pressed patress which was pre-drilled for fixing to the wall and pilot holed for the hooks. This enabled the joiner to make one visit to fix the pattress and coat hooks.

Although this is a very basic simple solution, it saved a great deal of time and on-site work. The vinyl finish of the patress was far more durable and cheaper than that of a similar pre-painted one, and in high gloss finish form, it is also far easier to clean and more hygienic.

A wood grain finish is also a possibility which would not be possible without using an expensive real wood pattress.

A simple solution that saved time and money!

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