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Our Mantra is quality and service. We are friendly and easy to deal with and  make things better for you. This means you get all what you want when you need it.


Panelpro is a premier High Gloss Door manufacturer and produces the very best MDF high gloss doors available in the UK. We also produce matt colours and a variety of woodgrains.

Kydex is another plastic sheet material that we use.  This material is extremely durable and is used extensively in the aircraft industry, so it's excellent for use in the shop fitting and display markets.

Our main production is based around membrane pressing and machining wood based panels, using MDF, MFC, Chipboard, Compact Laminate and Plywood. Various plastics are also used.

We also provide machining services which includes cut to size, CNC routed, drilled, grooved, and sanded panels. 

The use of modern machinery and the latest technology guarantees that your panels are made to the correct size, shape and tolerance.


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