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Our machine shop is equiped with the very latest CNC machinery. 

Any panels can be accurately sawn or machined to size, profiled, grooved and drilled using our twin table routers, single table router or for boring only, on our through feed CNC boring machine.

We offering 3D forming of decorative vinyl or KYDEX onto MDF.

Ongoing continuous length drilling of panels can be carried out up to a maximum width of 800mm on our through feed CNC boring machine with no lenght limitation or than the material size available. 

We offer 'V' Grooving of MDF vinyl laminated panels, where a 90 degree 'V'.is formed on a panel without braking through the veneer. This allows the panel to fold to an angle of 90 degrees with no visible joint to be seen. This process is know as 'Mitre-folding' and can be extremely useful in folding the panel to form a box or cabinet without the use of edging material.  Other angles can be formed in this way to provide hexagonal or octagonal shapes which can be used for enclosing  steel column structures.

There are many other uses for this process especially for display applications and shopfitting.

To discuss any of the above or other panel processes we offer, please contact us.


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